About us

Our history is more than 10 years old. Where to start, without falling asleep?

I am Melissa, the founder of the brand LES PETITES CHOSES, Franco-American; which allows me to moan like a real Frenchwoman but not for long because “TIME IS MONEY”.

I started my career in New York as an Artistic Director in a large textile group.

I've known high heels at work and sleepless nights completely redesigning a project, September 11 and snow freezing my eyelashes.

Arrived in Montpellier, the ring on my finger, I am currently working in sneakers (our store has a staircase!), the sleepless nights are still there: 2 children, an insomniac cat and my brain which does not know the OFF button. I no longer celebrate the 4th of July but the 2nd (official date of my candle as well) and my Moon boots are gathering dust.

Radical change!

At the risk of sounding like a living cliché, my vocation as a designer has been there since childhood.

Transforming fabrics, imagining, creating a po-ethical dressing room for children is what gets me up in the morning. That and my kids! Yes we are not going to lie to each other, they wake up early.

I am faithful :

To our values. We were one of the pioneering brands to have offered ethical production and organic cotton in our collections.

In our little hands. We have been working with the same workshops since our creation. We grumble, we congratulate each other, we get angry, but we grow together. A real family!

To my glass of wine, on overflowing evenings. Too much fatigue, too many changes that impact us, too much stress, too much paperwork.

On the other hand, I fidget with each victory and no! you won't get the video.

By buying our clothes, you enter our universe and a little in our lives. You are part of these Little Things that support and accompany our project. We are not perfect but we do our best.

imperfectly yours,


The LPC team


Melissa Birat-Lassus
Manager and Designer

I like walking, chatting, laughing, sweets, chips, Peter Pan collars, bags, shoes, cartoonists and good wine. I don't like wind, lip gloss, salad, loud talkers and my husband's tablet.

Fabienne Pis
Assistant Designer

I love the sound of the rain, the smell of hot bread and cigars, cashews, white wine, sushi, bored and daydreaming. I don't like green vegetables, people without embarrassment, sequins, people passionate about unicorns, waking up 10 minutes before I wake up.

Nora Sahraoui
Commercial assistant

I like to admire the sunset, listen to the sound of the waves to fall asleep, chocolate, amusement parks, shopping, greasy meals and unexpected encounters. I don't like coffee, being cold, ballerinas, spiders and people who eat sushi with salty sauce.

Soumia Si Hamane
Shop manager

I like being in total relaxation, driving, sleeping, the beach, summer, traveling, I like being surrounded by positive vibes, I like my job. I don't like traffic jams, mayonnaise, paid parking spaces, being cold.