We devote our energy and our know-how to offering you a wardrobe that is faithful to our values. We created it chic, “po-ethical” and comfortable for your children.
We imagine timeless pieces crossed by the spirit of the times. At LPC there is no planned obsolescence in the design of our collections. What is beautiful and well done never goes out of fashion.
We are loyal to family businesses that share our values ​​and our commitments: excellence in materials, love for a job well done and a passion for beautiful things.
Our know-how and that of our partners unite and complement each other.

Since our beginnings, we have been sincerely committed to sustainable and eco-responsible fashion.
When we started, 10 years ago, we were already turned to an ethical vision of our business with the development of our first line of organic cotton clothing.
With us, organic cotton represents 60% of our collections. The remaining 40% are exclusively natural materials such as Merino wool, the “star” of our winter accessory collections.
Today 80% of our collections have Oeko-Tex certification.
Our manufacturing is exclusively European to limit our carbon footprint and our unsold products are donated to associations. Our ambition is to adopt with you a reasoned and responsible consumption.

And above all, let's not forget that creating a garment requires many different skills: drawing, dyeing, cutting, patterning, sewing, ironing, packaging, labeling, selling, marketing, shipping. For the magic to work, you need the expert hand of a seamstress, the seasoned eye of a model maker, the know-how of a merchant, the expertise of a carrier...
A garment is not made by a machine but by a fantastic teamwork effort. Therefore we believe that sharing our experience and our journey with our customers is crucial.
We want to testify and share this human adventure with you.

Sharing our brand's vision with you means building a business based on trust, the exchange of skills, authenticity and transparency with our customers and suppliers.

Being a little thing is that.


Melissa Birat-Lassus
Manager and Designer

I like walking, chatting, laughing, sweets, chips, Peter Pan collars, bags, shoes, cartoonists and good wine. I don't like wind, lip gloss, salad, loud talkers and my husband's tablet.

Fabienne Pis
Assistant Designer

I love the sound of the rain, the smell of hot bread and cigars, cashews, white wine, sushi, bored and daydreaming. I don't like green vegetables, people without embarrassment, sequins, people passionate about unicorns, waking up 10 minutes before I wake up.

Nora Sahraoui
Commercial assistant

I like to admire the sunset, listen to the sound of the waves to fall asleep, chocolate, amusement parks, shopping, greasy meals and unexpected encounters. I don't like coffee, being cold, ballerinas, spiders and people who eat sushi with salty sauce.

Soumia Si Hamane
Shop manager

I like being in total relaxation, driving, sleeping, the beach, summer, traveling, I like being surrounded by positive vibes, I like my job. I don't like traffic jams, mayonnaise, paid parking spaces, being cold.

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