Our patterns

At LPC, among the highlights of the year, there is creation of our new patterns.

So what is a pattern? It is a design that we create in our workshop (studio?) and that we reproduce on our fabrics.

Say like that it's a bit dry isn't it?

And yet, drawing is a fabulous vector of emotions.

At LPC, the mother of our patterns is Lady Fafa. With her toolbox under her arm (pencil, eraser, tablet, etc.), she spends her time looking for inspiration, thinks for a long time, draws, redraws, erases and then starts again… until she creates a set of harmonious patterns that tell a beautiful story. .

Because that is our goal! You tell stories.

Make room for imagination, daydreaming, humor thanks to Corentin our sleepy little duckling, Louis our little rabbit who knows everything about everything… the little characters in our patterns come to life and have fun!