Creating a garment mobilizes many different skills: drawing, dyeing, cutting, patterning, sewing, ironing, packaging, labeling, selling, marketing, shipping. For the magic to work, you need the expert hand of a seamstress, the seasoned eye of a model maker, the know-how of a merchant, the expertise of a transporter... A garment is a human chain of work before to be a story of machines.

The choice of our partners for the manufacture of our models is therefore made with great care and attention. 

All European to limit our carbon footprint, our partner workshops respect each of their employees and their working conditions thanks to fair remuneration and a safe working environment.

Our partners

Our cotton specialist

Located in Portugal near Porto, our workshop has specialized in the manufacture of ready-to-wear since 1999.

Its particularity is that it manufactures both our models and the manufacture of our fabrics. He weaves for us our pretty brushed jerseys, our very soft brushed fleeces and our shimmering terrycloth fabrics.

Sofia, our product manager, is in charge of all the development of our collections and their making. It oversees the making of our prototypes, the printing of our patterns, the weaving of our natural materials, controls the quality of our products, etc.

It is thanks to his professionalism and that of his entire team, that we can create our collections while respecting our commitments.

Our wool specialist

Every fall, we offer you pretty accessories in 100% Woolmark certified merino wool. To know everything about this wool and its many qualities, we invite you to click here.

Our specialist in knitted products is a family workshop located in Bulgaria. Their know-how allows us to create the prettiest beanies and the prettiest jacquards each season. 

In the photo on the left, we present to you the head of the workshop!