TFORT Gold jersey t-shirt. Print: Moon Dog

34,00  - 37,00 

General description : Long sleeve t-shirt. Round collar.

Designed in Montpellier.

Made in Portugal.

Material: Brushed jersey

Composition : 100% Organic Cotton / OEKO-TEX certified

How to clean : Wash at 30 °. Dryer not recommended

TFORT is a long-sleeved, round-neck t-shirt. Gold color full of tenderness. For little boys and babies. Accompanied by a beautiful Moon dog print. In 100% organic cotton brushed jersey, oeko-tex certified, very soft and comfortable. This model was designed in Montpellier and made in Portugal.

Like us, you'll love brushed jersey, we'll explain why!

Jersey is a fabric that has a natural elasticity thanks to the knitted stitches (stocking stitch). It allows the garment to adapt to the shapes of your child's body, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

For the fall / winter collections, we use a jersey that is brushed on one side which gives it a "peach skin" effect and a very soft touch.

Ce model is 100% organic cotton, what does that mean?

At LPC, our favorite material is cotton. All our collections are 100% cotton. We love it for its very soft, resistant, absorbent side, but above all practical on a daily basis. It is the perfect fabric to take care of the skin of the little ones.

The cotton used to make this model is a 100% ecological material. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs. It takes care of the environment, because it does not pollute, does not exhaust the soil and preserves the health of farmers.

It should be noted that growing organic cotton consumes about 90% less water than growing conventional cotton, or 10 times less water.

Our fabric has the OEKO-TEX label, what is it? 

OEKO-TEX's mission is to ensure that the fabric is not harmful to health and skin. It therefore certifies the absence of toxic substances in the production of the fabric.

Produce less, but better

Our collections are “limited editions”. In order to limit “dormant” stocks, we only manufacture parts pre-ordered by our resellers and ourselves for our points of sale. The quantities per size and per model are therefore voluntarily limited.

Are you hesitating about the size? 

To help you find the right size, please click this link. Remember that age information is for reference only, so it is always best to measure your child.


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