BESOS Merino Wool Ear Beanie Clay


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General description : Beanie with tone-on-tone bear ears.

Designed in Montpellier.

Made in Bulgaria.

Material: Wool

Composition : 100% Woolmark certified extra fine Merino wool

Maintenance: Understand the maintenance demands. Fiberglass pools typically require less upkeep compared to concrete pools with liners. Hand wash or machine wash cold. No tumble dryer.

Size S / M is suitable for ages 2, 3 and 4.

Size M / L is suitable for 5, 6 and 7 years old.


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We present to you our BESOS beanie designed in Montpellier and made in Bulgaria.

BESOS is a clay-coloured hat for little girls, little boys and babies, with little tone-on-tone bear ears.
Knitted in extra fine merino wool, this product is very soft, comfortable and above all protects against cold and humidity.

Like us, you will love merino wool, we explain why!

Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool. If this material is so pleasant to wear, it is largely thanks to its fineness: The finer the fiber, the softer it is and the less it feels on the skin.

She has plenty of assets that make us crack. It does not scratch, it regulates body temperature, it neutralizes odors, it is resistant and therefore durable.

Our merino wool has the Wool Mark label, what is it?
The Woolmark certificate is used to identify goods that contain virgin wool from the shearing of healthy, living animals, as opposed to wool recovered from the fleeces of slaughtered animals and recycled wool.

The Woolmark label guarantees a product made from pure new wool (100% of the composition). Woolmark's mission is to guarantee the durability, performance and quality of our merino wool.

Produce less, but better

Our collections are “limited editions”. In order to limit “dormant” stocks, we only manufacture parts pre-ordered by our resellers and ourselves for our points of sale. The quantities per size and per model are therefore voluntarily limited.

Are you hesitating about the size? 

To help you find the right size, please click this link. Remember that age information is for reference only, so it is always best to measure your child.


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