About us

Our history is more than 10 years old. Where to start, without falling asleep?

I am Melissa, the founder of the brand LES PETITES CHOSES, Franco-American; which allows me to moan like a real Frenchwoman but not for long because “TIME IS MONEY”.

I started my career in New York as an Artistic Director in a large textile group.

I've known high heels at work and sleepless nights completely redesigning a project, September 11 and snow freezing my eyelashes.

Arrival in Montpellier… READ MORE

Our pretty patterns

At LPC, one of the highlights of the year is the creation of our new patterns.

So what is a pattern? It is a design that we create in our workshop and that we reproduce on our fabrics.

Say like that it's a bit dry isn't it?

And yet, drawing is a fabulous vector of emotions.

At LPC, the mother of our designs is Dame Fafa. Her toolbox under her arm (pencil, eraser, tablet, etc.), she spends her time looking for inspiration, thinks for a long time, draws, redraws, erases and then starts again… READ MORE

Our partners

We are passionate about the actors who make fashion. From the cottonseed to the buyers, passing through the designer, the seamstress, the clothing workshops or the design, marketing and communication teams, fashion is a human profession that requires time and patience.

LPC has been working with the same workshops since its inception... READ MORE

our pretty materials

At LPC everything is 100% natural!

Discover HERE our favorite fibers, our favorite fabrics and our reference labels.